St. Patrick's Day Carillon Concert

St. Patrick's Day Carillon Concert

Wed, Mar 17
12:00pm to 1:00pm CT


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

America - arr. Charles Chapman

Dance of the Irish - Nancy Faber, arr. Austin Ferguson

Suite no. 3, Irish – John Courter

  1. Maestoso: Allegro moderato
  2. Air, Turas Go Tír na nÓg (Song of the Exile)
  3. The Weeping of the Three Marys (Gol na dTri Murie)
  4. Rondo: Allegro desto

Paraphrase on The Irish Carol - Ronald Barnes

Love Unknown - John Ireland, arr. Sally Slade Warner

Selections from the Irish Carillon Book – arr. Adrian Gebruers

  • Remember the Glories of Brien the Brave
  • Avenging and Bright
  • Come Rest in This Bosom
  • Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms
  • The Meeting of the Waters
  • The Bard of Armagh
  • Deus Meus Adiuva Me (My God Come to My Aid)
  • Lord Inchiquin – Turlogh O’ Carolan
  • Andante Maestoso, from Celtic Suite – ‘Staf Gebruers

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Ernest Ball, arr. Richard Giszczak

Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) - arr. Sally Slade Warner

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