Positive Exposure art exhibit

Positive Exposure art exhibit

Mon, Jul 9
12:00am to 12:00am CT


Positive Exposure Change How You See See How You Change  is a series of photographs by artist Rick Guidotti that seek to show the beauty of all people by photographing those living with genetic conditions. Each artwork has a different subject, giving each person’s story a chance to be told. These photographs depict joy and remind viewers we all have something in common.

This exhibit is sponsored by the Center for Individualized Medicine with additional support from the Mansour Fund of the Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities  in Medicine.

Additional photographs from this artist’s series can be seen at the Rochester Art Center June 23 – Sept 21, 2018. Visit their website for more information.

This exhibit is open to all staff, students, volunteers, patients, and visitors.


In Person

Mayo Clinic
Siebens Building
Hage Atrium

Great. Changing to accept a new normal is challenging. I believe inPost Traumatic Growth. Dr Ron

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