On Facebook Live: What to expect when you're expecting a liver transplant

Wed, Oct 5, 2016
12:30pm to 1:00pm ET


WED. OCT 5 AT 12:30 P.M. ET

Join Michael Womack, LCSW, a social worker Michael Womackat Mayo Clinic in Florida, as he talks about what to expect at your first evaluation for a liver transplant.

Michael Womack is a licensed clinical social worker with the liver transplant team at Mayo Clinic in Florida. His primary responsibilities at Mayo Clinic include:

  • assessing new patients for transplant candidacy,
  • helping patients and their families plan for transplantation,
  • educating patients on how to successfully navigate and overcome transplant challenges pre-transplant, at the time of transplantation and post-transplant.

Since 2010, Michael has helped hundreds of patients and their family members successfully complete the surgical process and beyond. His efforts have included helping patients find resources for lodging, find resources for medication acquisition, find resources for caregiver support and find resources for additional needs such as financial and coping strategies.

Michael will answer questions live during the event.

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