Webinar: What Women Need to Know about Ovarian Cancer

Tue, May 12
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


Mayo Clinic gynecologic cancer specialists Jamie N. Bakkum-Gamez, M.D. and John Weroha, M.D., Ph.D. discuss the signs and symptoms women should be aware of for detection of ovarian cancer, understanding treatment options, and the importance of new clinical trials. Mayo Clinic medical geneticist Myra J. Wick, M.D., Ph.D. discusses the importance of family history and genetic counseling in preventing ovarian cancer. A live question and answer session followed the presentation. You can still ask questions using the chat box to the right. Speakers include: - Jamie N. Bakkum-Gamez, M.D. - John Weroha, M.D., Ph.D. - Myra J. Wick, M.D., Ph.D. Would you like to: Request An Appointment Learn More About Ovarian Cancer



I have been experiencing severe pelvic/abdominal pain. My u/s and ct showed I have a small mass on my left ovary and one on my uterus (a small cyst in my liver) and my alpha feta protein test was abnormal, CA125 was normal. My doctor says there is nothing to worry about, I see my gyny on the 2nd June. My question is: can a doctor tell by my test results that the mass is benign? I am a 58 yr old female. I took HRT for 7 years stopped 1 year ago. The pain is increasing in severity now extending into my back and the groin area, I have had to stop work and am taking painkillers Tramadol 24/7. Thank you for you help.

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In a postmenopausal woman, ovarian masses are usually a growth of some sort—could be benign, could be cancer, could be something in between called a borderline tumor. Imaging and tumor markers may not be enough to rule out a cancer as cancers and benign tumors can look the same on imaging. And there is a small proportion of ovarian cancers that have a normal CA125 level. Further evaluation in the setting of an ovarian mass and pain is warranted. If you would like to be evaluated at Mayo Clinic, you may make an appointment by calling: 507-284-4137.


I have cuda equina syndrome for 6 years, due to back surgery. I straight cath 5 x’s a day.I have a colostomy. I am in terrible pain, taking high doses of gabapentin. Is there a
doctor that can help me.

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