Harmony for Mayo-Chuck Brodsky

Harmony for Mayo-Chuck Brodsky

Mon, Sep 17, 2018
12:00pm to 1:00pm CT



Chuck Brodsky is a storyteller, a songwriter, a troubadour, and a modern day bard. His wit and irony, down-to-earth warmth, and quirky, rootsy, finely crafted songs tell stories of oddball and underdog characters. His songs celebrate the goodness in people, the eccentric, the holy, the profound, the courageous, the inspiring, the beautiful. They poke fun at what needs poking and sometimes challenge what needs to be challenged. They’re sworn to tell the truth. Over the past 25 years, Chuck has performed at festivals and in concerts all across the USA, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, England, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Wales, and the Shetland Islands of Scotland. He’s performed three times at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and 22 of his Baseball story songs have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame’s sound recording library.


In Person

Charlton Building SL-109 Lips Atrium, RO MN

Funny I wanted to be a troubadou
Few things stop me but big thing I not going wear tights
My late cousin was a high school music teacher she had a Madrigal group of singers
That from days of of yore
I was going send my bad skin but obscene
I am 65 skin of teenager
I Never got to lake Superior
Was going to look for agates
Just is well less for x family to steal
I waiting for my nurse to come
Some times she brings supper
Care for Argus,took me to ER came got me when let out of hospital

Family 0
Doctors treat me better when she with me
Also her English accent she from England


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