Caring for the Caregiver Support Group (Florida)

Caring for the Caregiver Support Group (Florida)

Thu, Oct 6, 2022
11:00am to 12:00pm ET


Caring for the Caregiver Support Group invites you to meet each week to get information, ask questions, share your story, or hear from others about how they care for their loved one and themselves.

This group is for caregivers, so we respectfully ask that patients not attend. All caregivers are welcome.

Time: Thursdays 11-12 ET.  Use Zoom link below. Registration is not required.

Join the Zoom meeting:

Passcode: 258413

*This is a confidential meeting. Recording is prohibited.
*Mayo Clinic strongly suggests you do not use your last name in online group.


For questions contact Eric Preusler, LCSW, , 904-956-3085




Eric Preusler, LCSW
Eric Preusler, LCSW
Phone: (904) 956-3085

I have been caring for my ill wife 24/7 for over four years here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

She suffers from a rare strain of hemolytic anemia that cannot get diagnosed here. She requires hospital stays twice a month for blood transfusions. The past two years she has had more than 30 hospitalizations and over 200 transfusions.

May I join these meetings?

Thank you,

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