Carillon Concert

Carillon Concert

Mon, Oct 12, 2020
7:00pm to 7:30pm CT


America – arr. James B. Slater

Preludio V – Matthias Van den Gheyn

Chocolat, “Sweet” for Carillon – Alice Gomez

  1. Dark Chocolate (Bittersweet Passion)
  2. White Chocolate (Tastefully Impure)
  3. Milk Chocolate (The Elixir of Love)

Canzone – Ronald Barnes

Three Hymn Tunes – arr. Peter Paul Olejar

  • Heavenly Armour (And If You Meet With Troubles) – William Walker
  • Song 46 (Drop, Drop Slow Tears) – Orland Gibbons
  • Idumea (And Am I Born to Die?) - Davidson


In Person

Mayo Clinic Annenberg Plaza

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