Carillon Concert

Carillon Concert

Fri, Oct 25, 2019
4:45pm to 5:15pm CT


America – arr. James B. Slater

Cavatina from The Deer Hunter – John Williams, arr. Wim Ruitenbeck

Piano Compositions of Edvard Grieg – arr. Ronald Barnes

  • Kulok (Cow Call), op. 66 no. 1
  • En Konge Hersked: Ōsterland (A King Ruled in the East), op. 66 no. 3
  • Siri Dale Visen (Song From Sirdal), op. 66 no. 4
  • Lualät (Song of the Mountaineer), op. 73 no. 7

Sakura – arr. Austin Ferguson


In Person

Mayo Clinic Annenberg Plaza

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