Zolpidem (Stilnox) weaning

Posted by nina1981 @nina1981, Dec 27, 2022

Hi everyone! I’m very new here. Hubby admitted to taking 3 x 12,5mg Zolpidem a day for the past few years. He’s extremely anxious and want to start weaning off, but want to do it at home. Any suggestions on a safe weaning regimen welcome!

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Maybe he could start with 2 a day for a few days and taper down from there. I take .5 mg at bedtime and have been for several years for insomnia. Once in a while I have taken up to 10mg but that’s rare. He probably needs to see a good psychologist who works with anxiety with I have as well and use cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s not just about using pills. God Bless.🥰

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