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Zoloft and pregnancy

Posted by @nerak, Mar 7, 2013

My husband and I decided a few months ago that we wanted to try and have a baby. I immediately went to my doctor because I was on Paxil (for about 7 yrs)and knew it was not good for pregnancy. She that I really couldn’t be on ANYTHING for depression and anxiety because was too dangerous. She tapered me off and as of lately, I have not been doing well emotionally. I realized that I just can’t do it. Today I started on Zoloft because it is the lesser of the evils as far as safety but she still said it was dangerous and advised for me not to have a baby. I am wondering if anyone has been on this medication and had a baby. Is it really as dangerous as she said. So is that it? Am I destined to to be childless because I need to take medication? Please help.



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Posted by @piglit, Mar 7, 2013

I too was on medication for anxiety and depression and managed to go off them and stay off them. It is not easy and at times I did feel very anxious but overcame this. I became pregnant and have a beautiful son who is know 23years old. The reason I battled on was because the little baby can be born with withdrawal from the drugs that I was taking. Please don’t loose the hope that you may not be able to achieve this stay strong and maybe talk to someone about overcoming your concerns and worries. A few years after he was born I did have to go back on medication. It’s a bit like a rollercoaster at times and we just have to unfortunately ride with it. Take care and always here Piglit

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