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You wrote on your profile. I am 47 and feel

Posted by @kevmcc, Jul 25, 2011

You wrote on your profile.

I am 47 and feel like a truck has run over me everyday. I have no diagnosis! but have wide spread and sometimes debilitating pain. I have more issues than a magazine! I’ve been told by different neurologist that I “could” have, fibromyalgia, multiple systems atrophy, neuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome…
I am really starting to think my problem is between my ears!! I get sick every time I eat. My tolerance to heat has changed drastically and recently started sweating buckets. My vision keeps changing about every 4 month’s. My feet are so numb I literally broke off a sewing needle in my toe and carpet and did not feel a thing! the only thing I noticed was that my foot suddenly stopped! I can’t think straight, and forget everything. When I go to bed I hurt so bad it is nearly overwhelming. I don’t know when I need to use the restroom until it’s nearly to late sometimes! Again I’m 47 not 97 and have been going to doctors for about 5 years. just wandering if some one is experiencing such things with a diagnosis?


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