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You Never Heard, or Don't Even Expect To Hear Me Say; I'm

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 23, 2012

You Never Heard, or Don’t Even Expect To Hear Me Say; I’m Drug Addict, User, Addictive, Bound, Dependent, Reliance, Pusher, Smoker, Seller, Incline, and or That I’m Under The Influence of Any body Damn Drugs/Medication! So Why Tried To Give Me, or Suggest That To a Person; That Drug Free, Deliberated? If the truth be told, Most of You Wish; that you Could Declare, Proclaim, State, Conclude, and or Say That! Isn’t That The Got Damn Done On True! Words of Advice/Wisdom! You Are, Will Be Justified, Judged Based Upon What You; Say, Said, Do, and Does! No More, No Less! So The Less You Say; Then The Less You Would Have To Answer, Give Account For! If You Don’t Do Nothing; Then You Wont Receive, or Shouldn’t Expect Nothing! Girl You Said a Mouth Full! Keep Up The Good Work; Until I God Comes For You, or Let You Escape/Don’t See Death!


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