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Kerri Lynn

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You know I think Fibromyalgia network has tshirts, & if I remember

Posted by @kerrilynn1, Apr 29, 2012

You know I think Fibromyalgia network has tshirts, & if I remember correctly purple awareness bracelets. I don’t think the tshirts say I hurt & I am tired today. I often wish I had a fake cast or crutches I could use on those days when I hurt & im tired. I find so many people dismiss our FM. I’ve been told 100 times by people without FM that they hurt & are tired sometimes too. Its very hard for FM & CFS patients to receive empathy & understanding. Laughter & close friends really are important @mklr2009



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Posted by @mklr2009, Apr 29, 2012

So true! What do they say, seeing is believing? Well, since there’s nothing to see, many don’t believe. “Seeing” happens when those who care watch how FM and CFS affect your life as time goes on. My family has learned to accept that I need my rest, have good days and bad days, cannot travel to see them whenever I want or had planned to, and am a somewhat different person now. Although I needed to explain my limitations to them often in the beginning, I rarely discuss it now. Are there disappointments and hurt feelings from time to time when plans have to be cancelled or changed because my body prevents me from keeping up? Yes, but I’m better able to accept the changes and their reactions now.
I’ve also learned to “trust my gut” more than ever about who I need to spend time with. If I feel stressed and get negative vibes when I’m around someone, I try and not be with them often. It was so difficult at first because I needed support and wanted everyone to be able to understand. That was part of my process as I began to accept it for myself. I no longer feel that need. I have one friend in particular that I’ve met since being diagnosed who’s wonderful. We enjoy spending time together and talking on the phone. She has RA and truly understands good v/s bad days. We share much laughter and empathy; we click.
A good sense of humor, faith, and optimistic acceptance are all vital to good mental health for me. That’s always been true in life, I suppose, but it’s more of a committment now than ever. The Serenity Prayer has become my mantra, so to speak.


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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 29, 2012

What matters is that you know what you’re going through dear. I’m routing for you and hoping that your discomfort eases up so you can enjoy life the way you should. You are cared about by many of us. Try to relax and think positive that you’ll get better.
Hugs Rox

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