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Yes , I am doing very good, I have not taken any

Posted by @wilkins905 in Just Want to Talk, Dec 10, 2012

Yes , I am doing very good, I have not taken any medications other than the valuim that the ER doctor gave me ...I took one Aleve last night and my head is not spinning for the last two days....i will not have a new doctor until 9 jan 2012.....I gave all my doctors medical information on what the problem was and they ignored me..the Data came from the FDA and I also got some from the BC/BS connect folks from their pharmacy.......i am good at research and I hope some of our friends on this system will try and do have to be your own advocate unless you have a really good doctor willing to spend the time to look into drug I am happy...i would like to help others but not sure of how to go about it !! @piglit


Posted by @piglit, Dec 10, 2012

Hi Wilkins So pleased that things are going well for you. and that your'e feeling alot better. It is good to research there is so much information that you can obtain from doing so.I myself feel that maybe I help people by replying to posts that I do Also I think that sometimes people read but maybe don't reply. So any input will be taken in one way or another. Take care


Posted by @justanothernumber, Dec 13, 2012

Hi piglit,How are you Friend


Posted by @piglit, Dec 13, 2012

Hi I'm good nice to hear from you again

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