Enzalutamide (Xtandi): Anyone have experience with this drug?

Posted by donnelson @donnelson, Jun 1, 2018

It’s amazing how many drugs there are out there to treat cancer. The latest is always treated as sliced bread. When Zytiga came out it was the ONLY one that was worth anything, in spite of the fact it cost $10-12,000 per month. I know that it has many new whistles but when pushed the pharms will tell you about other drugs that are out there. Currently I am looking at Xtandi which is an “older” drug but it is also less than half the cost of Zytiga. It is so difficult to find the place where all of these are compared. I realize that price is important, but shouldn’t the emphasis also be on the advantages, verses the dollars you’ll pay? Does anyone have any experience with Xtandi? Or know where comparison of cancer drugs from ALL pharms could be compared: what it does better, side effects as well as cost?

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@donnelson Yes I agree it is hard to decide which is the best treatment. A lot of times I personally believe it can be a trial and error . I have had allergic reactions to drugs in the past. So I worry each time I have to try something new. I am not sure if you have ever been in contact with the Livestrong program? But they do have a service that will help cancer patients decide which will be the best treatment plan based on their particular cancer. They even are well versed I believe in the different cancer drugs available. They are all very helpful and extremely compassionate when you call them.
I wish you the best.


I'll look up livestrong. Thanks


Has anyone used this drug?

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