Capecitabine (Xeloda) side effects: how do you manage them?

Posted by Patty.Cronmiller @pattycron, Jun 23, 2021

Has anyone taken Xeloda following chemo, surgery and radiation? I have/had Invasive ductal carcinoma triple negative. My oncologist wants me to take 6 months on Xeloda.I have vision loss from the earlier chemo and lost 25 pounds. I am apprehensive as to what Xeloda will do

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Hi. Thanks for responding. Could you tell me what dose you were taking? Sounds like you’re no longer on it? It’s good to know that one week on is an option if it gets too tough,

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I can't find what we lowered my dose to on my chart because I have had so many treatments that I can't find the ones where those notes are on. But I do have my notebooks I'll try to look through last year's notebooks tomorrow and see I take a lot of notes at my doctor's meetings.

Yes I was not stage four but very close and after extensive chemo and surgery they hadn't gotten all the cancer out so we did radiation to the chest wall to get anything we could there and then I went on xolada to make sure nothing got into the bloodstream.

I think I got off it in June my hands are still cracked, I realized I should still be wearing my spa gloves but I put them aside, silly me. My feet are better than my hands because it's cold now and I wear socks.

I'll post again when I get my doses from my notebooks.


I have been on xeloda for three years. After I take my pills, I first soak my feet in cold water for 15 minutes, then use the urea cream and sit with my feet on a foot rest. I drink lots (50-70 oz.) of water after each dose of xeloda. I wear cotton socks to keep my feet cool indoors, and Adidas when I go out. I ride a bike whenever possible. I take 4 mg zofran tabs three times a day for nausea. Hope this helps. It is a challenging treatment.

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Jackie – I know your post is a year old, but if you’re still active on Mayo connect I want to say thanks for the tips. Two other things I do is wrap each Xeloda pill in some marshmallow before swallowing , and wear Dr Shool’s jelly spa socks in the house. The socks help cut down on friction. All the best.

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