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Joined: Jul 13, 2011 My interest in joining the Mayo Clinic Community to

Posted by @oarsomepotential, Jul 21, 2011

My interest in joining the Mayo Clinic Community to find fellow participants of this forum who may be having trouble coping with their day to day life using crutches and the pain that can be induced by using crutches. We are a UK based award winning organisation which has provided a solution to many patients who suffer from any hand pain, blisters, calluses. Our product has been proudly featured on the BBC documentary Dragons Den which can be seen on BBC America in the US. The solution is called 88Grips. We have produced grips which fit over the top of most standard crutch handles to cure the pain that is induced when using crutches for a certain amount of time. The grips have been highly praised by British physiotherapists and crutch users in the UK. We feel that MayoClinic community members deserve to know that there is a solution available to relieve hand pain and various complications that arise with using crutches. Our online shop unfortunately cannot process non UK based payment methods but we able to handle bank transfers. If you are interested in our grips, please do email us and we will handle payments from there.


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