Write a petition to send to Congress or the President

Posted by 19lin @19lin, Jun 7, 2016

To All: There is a web site for petitions to ask internet viewers to sign concerning what ever issue you think is needed. It might be a good idea to try one for those suffering from pain who need opioids and use them responsabily. (This is a bad time for spell check to stop working) I think the web site is: https://www.change.org/start-a-petition. On here you can find the information on how to set up a petition. It could be a group petition or one from one or two individuals to see if there is enough support to ask Congress to make sure that the people who need opioid based medicine can get it. From what I have read Chronic pain suffers could be as high as 40 million to 100 million people just in the US, of course only a small number may need really strong medicine but they should understand and may sign as supporters. If you are willing to try check out the Change.org site for petitions. 19lin

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