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Wrist pain

Posted by @leslielee in Just Want to Talk, Jun 17, 2012

Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and hoping that someone might be able to help. About 3 weeks ago i started having really bad wrist pain under my thumb joint, and despite splinting, non-usage, icing, heating, ibuprofen, and doing nothing, I still feel a sharp pain when I move my wrist, say, to turn a doorknob counterclockwise, or open a jar. I've been told I may be suffering from de Quervain's syndrome. Any suggestions or experience to share??? Help!

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Posted by @luckyduck66, Jun 20, 2012

It does sound like you have that condition. I've had it twice, each time after having babies. You should go to your doctor and get a referral for physical therapy. There's good information on the Mayo Clinic about the condition and treatment. You can get relief from the pain!

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