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wow how to begin!lol I have horrible sleep problems.I fall asleep constantly but I can never stay asleep!! I went for a sleep study I have sleep apnea among who knows what else. I cannot read a book anymore. I fall asleep every other page and dont retain

Posted by @anitalife2 in Mental Health, Dec 24, 2011

whay do you mean?

Tags: sleep problems, mental health


Posted by @dottiebru, Jan 9, 2012

could be narcolepsy--but that would show in a sleep study. I can sleep almost any time & was put on meds to help keep me alert--& they are a blessing!!


Posted by @shopteacher, Jan 21, 2012

sounds to me like Narcolepsy. I have had that for over 40 years and led a normal life with the help of proper drugs . Go see a neurologist. Sometimes wearing a cpap machine doesn't help narcolepsy.

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