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Would someone please tell me how I can get help for my [...]

Posted by @pamlws2 in Brain & Nervous System, Apr 12, 2014

Would someone please tell me how I can get help for my 64 year old brother. It all start March of 2013. He had a serious seizure and went into a coma. After almost 2 weeks he opened his eyes. He could not speak or move any part of his body. His doctors were unable to give us a cause or reason. They said they ran 60 test and still were unable to find what was happening to my brother. They described his MRI as "an angry brain". After 6 weeks in the hospital he started to show some improvement. We were then told they could do nothing more for him that we had to find another care facility. He was transferred to an Indian Health care hospital where he stated 2 months and was released to go home. It took several months of physical therapy and care to gain his ability to walk and talk again. Thanksgiving of 2013 you would have never thought anything had ever happened to him.
Now the symptoms are starting all over again. We know it is just a matter of time before we lose him to this horrible medical mystery. I have tried to get an appointment with one of the Mayo Clinics but was turned away. They have no money and he isn't of age yet for Medicare. I even wanted to pay cash for his medical care at the clinic but again was told they were not allowed to accept cash. We just want some help somewhere. Can anyone please tell me what we can do....thank you

Tags: seizure, MRI, Coma, Physical Therapy, "an angry brain"

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Apr 14, 2014

Hi @pamlws2. Would you share with me which Mayo Clinic location you were trying to get an appointment at?


Posted by @pamlws2, Apr 23, 2014

Margaret I am sorry but for some reason it will not let me from my email address. I am trying to get him to Scottsdale but will consider anywhere. Could please send to me another way to reply. Thank you for your time.

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Apr 23, 2014

Hi, Pam. I'll see if I can provide you with the numbers for Patient Affairs in Scottsdale. If you would like to try and make an appointment in either Rochester or Jacksonville, you can do so online:

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