World Head and Neck Cancer Day and the concept of a "Day"

Posted by Maureen, Alumna Mentor @alpaca, Jul 29, 2018

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I hope I have tagged the right people. Anyway, I wondered if you had marked WHNCD on July 27. We did here in Auckland, New Zealand, and linked up via social media to other groups around the world. It's hard to describe how joyful it felt. It's a horrible disease and many of us live difficult lives or have lost someone because of it, but there's a great sense of camaraderie worldwide. A feeling that we are not alone.

Our focus was on early detection, prevention and support. We pushed the need for the HPV vaccination for both boys and girls to prevent the recent near epidemic of HPV related throat cancer. I had a fascinating talk with a Smokefree NZ guy about how to help people quit smoking.

Some of our local media stations refuse to cover "Days" because there are so many of them but we managed to twist a few arms and get some of our more media savvy people out there on the airwaves.

What do you think of having a specific day or week to raise awareness of specific health conditions?

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