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working with fibromyalgia

Posted by @bertalert in Just Want to Talk, May 15, 2012

hello all ... i was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, though doctors say i've probably had it for about five years. i've been really struggling in my career and am continuing to do so now that i've been diagnosed. some days i feel like i can pull through, but i'm still missing a lot of work.

any advice from folks out there who have struggled with something similar?

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Posted by @eliz, May 16, 2012

It's been about two years from me, after a hand surgery, it went from cprs to nerve damage and now fibro, it has also spread up my arm into my back.

I don't think I can work, I was attending school and couldn't make it regular there. I feel that its getting worse and I just went to hospital because the pain has been so several and felt like my chest hurts. They said its anxiety attack. I only 31 yrs and this is really hard to deal with, and I hate that doctors look at you like you crazy


Posted by @joanneo, May 16, 2012

I am sorry to hear that what do u mean by cord to nerve damage. Are u talking about the fibromyalgia?


Posted by @fearless, Jun 6, 2012

I am having the same trouble. I have cut back my hours just to the minimum to keep my insurance. I too am in constant pain especially in my legs. The only thing that has seemed to give me some relief is getting acupuncture. I don't like taking pain killers to work but I'm kind of limited as far as relief.


Posted by @pbailey, Jul 5, 2012

I want to cry for you. I remember so clearly when I was first diagnosed - how afraid I was that I wasn't going to be able to work at the job I loved so much. I was department chair at a small university and so I had lots of flexibility in my schedule. I made the decision that I would go to work every day even if I really wanted to stay in bed. Most days I could stay and actually felt better. But I could never have worked 8 hours - although there were many 12 & 14 hour days. I would pay for those for a couple of days but had the flexibility to work from home. I worked for 6 years and accomplished some pretty amazing things during that time. Even though I was passionate about the work it was very stressful and I had to retire because of FM. I cried a lot about the decision and it took me two years before I could say that I was happy to be retired.
I have been keeping a journal and am now doing a blog about the emotional and psychological struggles I went through and how I came to terms with living with a chronic condition. This week I will be posting on what it means to be sick, taking on the sick role, and maintaining our commitments to work, family and friends. If you are interested you can visit it at
I don't sell anything - it is just there if you are interested. After I was first diagnosed I was really afraid that I was going to have to go on disability. I felt like my life was falling apart.


Posted by @bertalert, Jul 6, 2012

thank you for your reply. i am in the same field as you, though at a different point. i started reading your blog and am finding it very helpful. thanks & all the best to you.


Posted by @pbailey, Jul 6, 2012

Your welcome. I am confident that you will find a new normal but it takes some time and it isn't easy. As one of my doctors says, FM is gut wrenching for the patient and daunting for the doctor. If you think I can be of help or you need some words of encouragement, just let me know through my blog.


Posted by @bettylittle, Aug 6, 2012

Hello all.
I am new to all this. I am not writing for myself but for my 89 year old mother who suffers terribly with FM. She is in severe chronic pain every day of her life. She is unable to do the conventional methods suggested by doctors due to her inability to get around. Her mobility will soon be totally gone. She has difficulty swallowing pills and so refuses to take the medications suggested for FM. She already takes high blood pressure medication, thyroid medication, xanax, and a couple of others. That's too much. To make things even worse, she has alzheimers. She barely remembers what is said to her, but she feels pain every day. In her mind, each day seems worst than the day before. Her pain is at a level where I believe most of us would have given up. I have sought all types of help for her, but nothing works against this horrible condition. I watch her every day unable to get any relief. I joined this community with the hope that I might learn something new. Just imagine your loved one asking you the same question every day about getting help for the pain and you are unable to give them a different response.

Posted by Anonymous-23df8005, Sep 25, 2012

I find glucosamine & condroitin to help me with many issues. I am almost 53. I started taking it about 10+ years ago when my knee started hurting (loss of cartilage) and found that it greatly helped the arthritis in my fingers, too. After taking it for about 10 years, I decided to go without it for a couple of months, not only did my knee start weakening again and my fingers start getting stiff again, I gradually felt symptons of FIBROMYALGIA (My boss/friend and at least 3 others we worked with in a sick building, came "down with it" when I worked there from 1996-1998) I realized what it was when I my muscles became very achy and I couln't get out of bed. It was wierd. I haven't mentioned it to my doctor because they think you are imagining things. They're never concerned with how you develop symptoms, they just want to deal with the pain. That "sick building" also progressed my endometriosis to the point that my GYN could't believe how much grew back in one year since I had a laparoscopy. (He said it usually took about 10 years in most women). Not to get off the subject, I know many doctors say glucosimine & controiten to not help any of these, but if I didn't take it I would be on pain-killers constantly and probably be unable to work. It may not work on everyone, but it's saving my quality of life. I take "Elations" in the small bottles - 2 to 3 times a week until I feel I need it everyday. Like most of us, I don't like to take too many substances.
Isn't it funny how people say "I'm not a pill person". Like we love to take pills and supplements. I say - whatever it take to function and take care of myself is what I'm going to do.

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