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Working with DID & Endometriosis

Posted by @ilovejesus in Mental Health, Dec 31, 2011

Hi my name is Charity and I have been diagnosed with DID around 10 years ago. Through much counseling I have gotten to the place where I am almost healed but I am still in some hard places. I've had a lot of health issues in the past few years also. Has anyone ever been in a support group for DID and can you tell me your expirience with it?? I would love to hear your story!! Or has anyone been in a support group for women with health issues such as emdometriosis...

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Posted by @ilovejesus, Dec 31, 2011

Jesus is Good all the time!!!


Posted by @marylynette, Jan 23, 2012

I would like to keep in touch with you too. I had very severe Ulcerative Colitis and had to have surgery in 1983 in which they removed my colon from one end to the other and this resulted in what is an ileostomy, I have an opening in my belly, kind of like a buttonhole. Mine is a continent ileostomy so instead of putting a bag on my belly for my small bowel to empty into I use a catheter, I insert it to empty a pouch which the doctors made to hold the waste from the small bowel. Hope that kind of explains that.
Yes, that is my wonderful dog in the picture. He lives with me and my husband in our home and goes with me whenever I leave the house. He has become my safety, for I no longer have the need to be totally aware of all that is going onaround me since he is aware of any situation in which I am uncomfortable, He is always between me and any other people so that no one can get near me.

I lived alone much of the time when I had DID, it would have been ever so difficult to be with someone else. I had friends who began to recognize my different parts and would tell me when I had switched. This was a great help in my path to integration. God is walking with us all the time, he is blessing us with what I call butterfly blessings all the time, we just have to keep our eyes open to see them. You are a precious child of God and don't you forget that....also remember that in the eyes of the Lord you are perfect.


Posted by @marylynette, Jan 19, 2012

I was diagnosed with DID in the 1980s and in 1992 was blessed with the gift of integration after much difficult work with a therapist. I have a great number of health issues as well, and find that is is very difficult to be treated as an intelligent adult because of the combination of the two issues. I never got a great deal of help from groups, I found friends, my docs and the Lord were the only road which led to recovery for me. I am still in therapy, and will be for the rest of my life for there are always those unexpected triggers and memories that I need help in dealing with. Life in general is rather difficult, I have an ileostomy which leaks, and fibromyalgia which keeps me in constant pain. I am learning ways to live with all of the aspects of life. DID is never easy, it can be ever so frustrating, and I just want you to know that the Lord will carry you whenever the world gets to be too much for you to handle. My prayers are with you.


Posted by @ilovejesus, Jan 19, 2012

Thank-you so much for your encouragement!! It is such a relief to find someone who understands! I am so thankfull that the Lord alone is the judge of our lives and we don't have to depend on man. Right now I constantly struggle with the fact that I can't get people to understand where I am at. But God is showing me that He wants to be my SOURCE. We are called to be princess's in His Palace and not beggers!! I just want that to become a reality for me!

I will definatly be praying for you too. Can you explain to me what an ileostomy is?? And the picture- is that your dog with you? Does he live in the house with you? Do you live with someone or alone?

I live alone and can barely make it financially, but I don't feel comfortable with the idea of living in with someone else.

Somehow I think there has to be a way for people that struggle with this kind of stuff to be in groups to support each other and help each other out of it. We need community & validation just like anyone else. I just don't feel like it is God's heart to continue in this the rest of our lives.

I am excited about getting to know you better!!


Posted by @peachy, Jan 23, 2012

Hi, I have been looking for a site discussing DID, isn't this the same as multiple personality? I don't have this disorder but, my x fiance did. It was actually a big cause of our break up. I never knew he had this he never told me, had he of told me i could understand a little better. I didn't know until we broke up. I can't even begin to explain our life together, but we were together for 2.5 years and most of it was great until the last 3 months. He started drinking a lot more, dissapearing and just plain not nice. Extremely extremely jealous to the point of being physically violent with me. The last straw came when I checked my business bank account and my personal account and he had drained the business one, and my personal one he drained it, to where I had all the nsf's $250 worth! So when I saw that and looked at his texts, and he bought lunch for some lady at work with MY money, he was asleep on the couch and I woke him up and confronted him. Wasn't yelling but very firm voice. He just started yelling at me calling me every name in the book, he grabbed my head and threw me down and when i started crying because I was so shocked he called me a baby. Nothing like him at all, He kept yelling at me and pushing me, finally I called the police. He waited outside but when they finally came he told them I threw a candle at him while he was sleeping, and that I was trying to stab him with scissors! none of which happend. But yet he remembers nothing of what he did, but now has been going for about 8 months to a psychiatrist and was he said hypnotised and that he said that from being hynotised he does remember throwing me down but, that he did it to protect himself because i was trying to stab him with scissors. I really do feel for you all, I couldn't imagine how hard your life must be with this. I know their are good people that have this. But my question for you guys that have this. Is that normal to when actually being hypnotised to not see it clearly and see a warped view? or is he just full of bs? I really believe he has this. But, I also wonder if he still is full of bs. i guess I have so many questions because it's so hard getting past all the hurt. This one situation is just one of many. I don't know what kind of experiences any of you have had but, I would love to understand this a little better to make peace with it. I mean was it my fault for causing the stress (the bank stuff) for him to change? By the way he was diagnosed years before we met and stopped taking all his meds, cept seroquel and he would only take it once in awhile (he called it his sleep medicine) Anyone that has this interested in talking? we can talk privately via email or what not if you prefer not to discuss on a board. Sorry this is soooooo long 🙁


Posted by @ilovejesus, Feb 3, 2012

I want to share a few lines of a favorite song of mine with you that I hope will be an inspiration to you in this heart-wrenching grief and pain you are going through.

God will make a way when there seems to be no way
He works in ways we do not see,
He will make a way for me,
He will be my guide, hold me closely to his side
With grace and strength for each new day. He will make a way!

I do not have experience with hypnosis and do not have a history of violent behavior with my DID. However I lived with my mother who has had DID all her life(she doesn't know that's what she has) and I know all too well the trauma of her yelling and screaming and throwing things. I beleive it was my Dad that kept her from getting worse than that with her behavior. And yes DID is the same as Multiple personality disorder.

God is healing me of my painfull memories with my Mom and of my DID and I give him the credit for leading me to kind counselors in my life who walked me through it.

Right now, I am thinking you should focas on getting healing for yourself. And by all means don't blame yourself for anything!! You needs heaps of love and people to surround you who will not be judgmental. Most important - Jesus loves you so much and wants a relationship with you!! Hang in there!! I am here whenever you want to vent or any questions you may have.

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