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To stop/explain persistant chronic pain in many pain syndromes
Connection between the brain,physical pain, anxiety/depression
Compiled by Stephanie Faulkner
“All the Rage” watch on “Vimeo” & website about Dr. John Sarno
Tamethebeast.org…video on Youtube (short)
tmswiki.org…support with chronic pain & how to stop it
The Mystery of Chronic Pain…Ted Talk…Dr. Elliot Krane (short)
Watch…ThisMighthurtfilm.com trailer

Dr. John Sarno….Google books (Mindbody Prescription, lectures on YouTube, etc.
Backincontrol.com & book… Dr. Hanscombe…(People’s Pharmancy interview)
Unlearn Your Pain/anxiety….Dr. Howard Schubiner (book, website)
The Great Pain Deception…Steve Ozanich (book, website)
Free for Life…Bradyinstitute.com (book, website)
Think Away Your Pain…Dr. D. Schechter (book, website)
Pathways to Pain Relief….Dr. Eric Sherman (book, website)
They Can’t Find AnythingWrong….Dr. D. Clarke (book, website)
Freedom from Fibromyalgia…Nancy Selfridge (book, website)
“Somatic symptoms disorders” on Google

Facilities that follow the mind/body pain protocol….so far
Cleveland Clinic….Stanford Medicine….Mayo Clinic…. Pain Psychology Center

Dr. Sarno quotes…..”The role of the pain syndrome is not to express the hidden emotions but to prevent them from becoming conscious.”
“Not only does emotional stress exacerbate chronic pain, it can also cause pain.”
“The majority of emotional activity occurs outside of our consciousness so many people do not realize they are repressing emotions and that this could be a cause of their pain.”
“There’s nothing like a little physical pain to take your mind off emotional problems.”

Mental Pain = Physical Pain
In fact, recent research has shown that the brain can create pain that is identical to the pain of a physical injury. (Pitt study)
We have also learned that an emotional insult is processed in the same way in the brain as a physical injury. (Kross)
We now know that stressful life events and our emotional reactions to them can cause pain that can be severe. The term for this phenomenon is “triggered”.
Treating this type of pain with pain medications, injections or surgery is usually not effective, thus leaving the patient extremely frustrated and depressed.
However, when the true cause of the pain is recognized, these pathways can be reversed by any program that utilizes neurological approaches.
”Hidden from View”….A clinician’s guide to Psychophysiologic Disorder

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