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women with short cervix losing their child

Posted by @ajsmomma09, Aug 24, 2012

My name is Liz and there years ago I lost my daughter Ayla who was born premature at twenty three weeks was just looking for someone who might be in the same boat



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Posted by @piglit, Aug 24, 2012

Hi Liz I lost a son prematurely at about the same time. The saddness and grief has been immense over the years. But I try to think that he would not want me to be sad. I don;t think that anyone who loses a child ever gets over it we just have to learn to go on and be strong. and carry the love in our hearts forever Take care Annie


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Posted by @nizzy, Sep 29, 2012

I have lost two at eight weeks and then twins at 21 weeks after 33 hours of labour. You never escape the grief but it gets easier and like stated above they would not want us to be sad. It takes time and talking about if to work through it. They will always be with us.

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