Wishing all caregivers a solid Memorial Day Weekend!

Posted by Scott, Volunteer Mentor @IndianaScott, May 27, 2018

Hello caregivers everywhere! Here in the US this is Memorial Day weekend. For those of us as old as I am, we may recall it as Decoration Day too. WOW I really am getting old! 🙂

I know this is a day for remembering those who have fallen in support of our country and its freedoms, but for caregivers Memorial Day can bring on a rush of many other memories as we memorialize our loved ones we are caring for and have cared for!

In no way do I mean to diminish those who gave their lives protecting and serving the country. Personally I will be remembering my father’s service in WWII, a great uncle killed in WWI, and two cousins, one KIA/MIA in Vietnam and one KIA/MIA in Korea.

But as a caregiver my memories will especially be with the very special person who I lost to brain cancer, my wonderful wife, Mary Kay. I am sure many of you will be drenched in memories of those you care for or have cared for. Grief for those we have lost and those who are still in our care, but have become lost to their disease, is always in the souls and minds of their caregivers.

Personally, while I work very hard to live in the present, I also know I would not be where I am presently if it were not for my wife! As I have told my children, there were only three truly transformational events in my life and one of those was meeting their mom.

In her memory I have attached a copy of the very first picture I ever took of the woman who changed my life “in sickness and in health” and whose love in death did not part from me. Perhaps you might like to also post one of your favorite photos here in their honor.

As always I send each and every one of you magnificent caregivers strength, courage, and peace especially on this Memorial Day Weekend!

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Truly a lovely post, Scott. She's so beautiful.


Thank you for the photo Scott. Love lasts forever and your touching post reveals this.

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