Wisconsin Neuroendocrine Cancer Connection Group

Posted by tomewilson @tomewilson, Jul 16, 2018

If you live in Wisconsin and are seen for NETs or are a NETs caregiver, please join The Wisconsin Neuroendocrine Cancer Connection (see link below). We strive to share local medical resources available within the State as most all NETs patients are seen locally for ongoing needs while also being seen at a high volume specialty center.

We also share key local, regional and national events, study publications and more.

We will soon become associated with NCAN – Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network and will be organizing meetings within Wisconsin (2019). http://www.facebook.com/groups/711560562189251/.

My name is Tom Wilson, NETs caregiver and moderator of this closed Facebook group.

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@tomewilson Thanks for letting us know about their meetings, Tom. I wish I lived closer! Teresa

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