Will i grow any more?

Posted by mthlrd76 @mthlrd76, Apr 18 6:21pm

Im currently 14 and a biological female that just started testosterone. Im 5"1 1/2 and havent grown a single centimeter since 5th grade. I dont think ive ever experienced growing pains, but ive already gone through puberty. My dad is 6"1 and my mom is my current height.
I was thinking maybe since i started testosterone ill have a late growth spurt but since ive already been through puberty will i just stay this height forever? Even after puberty my chest size is whatever is the smallest bra size is, nothing really changed except for bleeding which was short lived because i got testosterone shortly after.

I dont want to be a short boy, ill be shorter than most girls ill ever meet and my voice still sounds like a little kid. Im worried that ill never grow.

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Boys grow until they are 25. Girls grow 1-2 inches after reaching puberty

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