Why doesn't Mayo in FL currently perform living donor liver transplant?

Posted by Erin Elizabeth @er1nel1zabeth, Jan 20, 2015

Why doesn’t FL currently perform living donor liver transplant and any plans on horizon to start?

While transplant from a living donor is an excellent alternative to a deceased donor, each procedure comes with certain risks: http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/liver-transplant/basics/risks/prc-20014076. The risks of living donation should be weighed against the risk of waiting for a matching organ from a deceased donor.

Mayo Clinic Florida is in a region of the country that is fortunate to have a higher rate of liver grafts from deceased donors compared to other regions of the country. As a result, at Mayo Clinic Florida, the average wait time for a liver transplant is about 3 months (significantly lower than national average of almost 16 months). At Mayo Clinic Florida, we are able to transplant patients sooner than most other transplant centers in the country and achieve outstanding outcomes without subjecting living donors to the risks of liver donation.

Our transplant practices, with a team approach and significant expertise gained from almost 6,500 liver transplants, have led to superior long-term outcomes for our patients. Living donor liver transplant remains an option for patients who will not likely receive a liver transplant from a deceased donor in a timely manner. Though we do not offer living donor liver transplant at Mayo Clinic Florida, it is an option at our campuses in Minnesota and Arizona.

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