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Why does my depression get so powerfull over me somedays

Posted by @shaddy in Just Want to Talk, Mar 18, 2012

Why does my depression get so powerfull over me somedays @roxie43


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 18, 2012

You are not alone even though you may sometimes feel like the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.
Depression is serious and despite people thinking you can simply snap out of if. It does not work that way. I cannot tell by your user name if you are female but hormones can ad to the mood. We all have good and not so good days. When you ask why? Is it because you're in danger or feeling really down with little to no motivation to do anything?
Are you in treatment? Sometimes the medicine can make you feel worse or don't provide relief. Make sure you're reporting all this and please call 911 if you don't feel safe.
Trust me there are better days ahead it just takes hope, commitment and unfortunately trials with meds until the cocktail that works specifically for you is found.
Hang in there ok. Are you eating and all that other good stuff?
If you can try a little journalism to keep your mind busy.
I will be thinking of you,
Be kind to yourself ....ok?

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