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Why do people post in the wrong discussion groups???

Posted by @bettyann in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Feb 24, 2013

I wish there could be more of a monitor-watch-system so that you don't have to go searching for eye problems in the eye problem discussion group!! Why do people do this? Do you post on ALL the groups because you think that is the only way you will get attention?
This is both annoying and discouraging and I wish there were more strict rules enforced... I know of a woman who used to post her personal troubles and woes on EVERY catagory... I wish this would be disallowed.
This might be removed... but I REALLY wanted to find discussions on EYE PROBLEMS in this catagory... are people not capable of finding what CATAGORY your own problems fit into???? AND NO...most of these were 'not relateed' to eye problems...Then write and ask for help if you need to.
Not happily yours,

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Posted by @piglit, Feb 24, 2013

I feel that some people just go into one area and others tend to just coast on the one site. I have to noticed that the monitoring and disscussions from people associated with Mayo have decreased as well. Also as I posted that the people that used to apparently come on a regualr basis have know diminished.Of all the people that used to speak only three of them speak to me. My main concern is that people come onto this site for genuine advice and am beginning to wonder as to whether this is being achieved. So I too am feeling unrest with this Annie


Posted by @bettyann, Feb 24, 2013

Great reply, Annie. It is NOT fair to people who, like you said, come to the site to share and especially to hopefully find information that will be of genuine use to them.
They are NOT on the site to listen to 'reglious views' of ANY kind... or for some people to use as a platform to show their 'great wealth of knowledge because they have all THEEEE answers'....
But to go to a particular site and to try to find a particular catagory in hopes of being able to relate to what you are actually looking for...and then find that some people have posted on a subject that is not even REMOTELY related to the catagory... that is ridiculous.
I used to complain about closely monitored sites... but this is the opposite extreme... it is out of control... unless, of course, you have nothing better to do than sit at the computer all day long and search and search in hopes of finding what is actually related to the catagory you are seeking information from.

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Posted by @piglit, Feb 25, 2013

So totally agree with you Betty. Being a site where people should be able to discuss and find answers to their concerns and support. It has so changed over these past months, must be so very frustrating for so many us included Annie

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