Why is the damaged ear more sensitive to loud volumes?

Posted by aviorrok @aviorrok, Jun 8, 2021

I have hearing loss in my left ear 3Khz – 30dB and the ENT said the damaged ear is more sensitive so be careful about music volume.
I know 85dB+ for a long time is bad also for a normal ear but why the damaged ear is more sensitively? There are researchers that can confirm it? What is too much dB for a damaged ear?


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Hair cells are so fragile. If you have damaged hair cells the healthy hair cells don’t react the same way as those in a “normal” hearing person. They tend to respond to loud sounds more strongly. The ENT is just advising you to be cautious of exposing those remaining healthy hair cells to loud noise to avoid any more damage. Your decibel level tolerance may be lower than someone with normal hearing…it depends on the extent of the hearing loss.

For reference, I have a profound loss (gradual over 40 years) and I turn my hearing aids to mute when I do something as simple as vacuuming.

FL Mary

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