Why blood pressure increases at high altitudes (>8000 ft)?

Posted by jmbazan @jmbazan, Oct 26, 2011

I am a very healthy person with and average blood pressure of 120/75 at 200 ft elevation where I am currently living (Portland, Oregon). I was born up in the andes of Peru at about 10,000 ft elevation, lived there my first 15 years and then moved to lima (coast level ~300 ft). I used to go back to my home town once a year. I moved to USA back in 1988 and lived in Portland since there. Four yeras eago when I went back to the andes, I did experience my blood pressure went up to 180/100. Talked to my doctor but he could not tell me the reason for the change. Does anybody outhere can explain me why this could happen? by the way when I am back in Portland my blood pressure is back to normal again. Thanks.

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I hadnt heard that before…blood pressure measurements are trickier than most people think (even doctors)…I suspect error in measurement.


oxygen is less in higher altitudes. i was very dizzy when i went to denver which has a high altitude but i found out when i came home that i was pregnant but i was not dizzy at home. so i can’t really say what it was. i am going to denver next summer so i’ll be able to confirm if, indeed, it was the altitude.

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