Who is using Nanobebe microwave bottle sterilizer for nebulizer, etc.

Posted by fdixon63 @fdixon63, Oct 9, 2019

I recently saw on a post at Mayo Connect or on a Facebook group where someone was using a Nanobebe microwave bottle sterilizer to sterilize nebulizer and aerobika. Sounded like it would be a real effective and faster way to take care of this chore. I purchased one and used their setting guidelines for microwave power 1000 watts plus for 4 mins. (Our microwave is 1650 watts) Well, it warped my neb. "T" piece. Luckily I had ordered some disposable sets and was OK there. I've contacted the company with the question by phone and computer but so far no one has contacted me. Thought I would reach out to our group to see if others have had the experience. Thanks.

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I checked with my daughter – she uses the Nanobebe microwave sterilizer for her neb and Aerobika. She uses a low setting for 3 minutes and says it works. I have been hesitant to try it because my insurance was reluctant to pay for mine in the first place. Can't imagine their reaction if I ask for another!


Thanks for checking with your daughter. Of course what we want to accomplish is to have the pieces sterilized and not damage anything. I wonder what is your daughter's microwave wattage and what is the "low setting" she uses. I guess I'm skittish about experimenting because part of the neb kit was damaged the first time I used the nanobebe. The company said they would pass the question to their development department and get back with me but who knows. Thanks again. Hope you're having a great day. Faye

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