Who Can Visit A Patient During Covid 19 Times?

Posted by vanessag @vanessag, Aug 20, 2020

My brother-in-law is scheduled for surgery. He will be hospitalized about 5 days. Can family be at the hospital the day of surgery? Can we visit the patient while they are in the hospital?? Thanks in advance…

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You did not mention which Mayo campus you will be visiting, The web page below has links to each location specific policy. In general, only one person is allowed in hospital on day of surgery or during visiting hours.

Hope everything goes well for your brother-in-law.
Laurie M


@vanessag, I am currently unable to visit our son who is hospitalized elsewhere. The hospital allows 1 designated visitor for his entire stay. So we decided that my husband be the one. It is a 1 hour drive each way for him. Please check with the hospital where he is going to have his surgery for their specific and current rules. I know there can be exceptions that depend on individual circumstances.
I am miserably pacing the floor and feeling helpless.
Best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery. And a joyful reunion in the near future.


@rosemary, I am so sorry you are unable to visit your hospitalized son but glad too that at least your hubby can. So much regarding patient visitations depends upon the local hospital's rules. One of the hardest things for me during my close friend's last hospitalization was that only one person could visit her and I was unable to see her. While her guy tried to keep me abreast of her condition, it just wasn't the same as getting to be with her. That feeling of helplessness you are experiencing is so real and so very difficult but try to hang onto to the fact that your son's care will hopefully have him better and back in his own home soon. Sending you extra doses of strength and optimism during this very trying time for your family.

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