Return to work after a long absence: Building a resume

Posted by MGMolly @Erinmfs, Aug 12, 2019

I’m hoping to return to work, starting my job search. I’m awake tonight drafting my resume (curriculum vitae). This is who I am, if you don’t mind, can you provide some comments? Building a resume is hard.

This is me! Who are you @jakedduck1 ?

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I agree, Erin, building a resume after an absence can be challenging. Did you stop working for an extended period of time due to health? Do you have to consider accommodations for your health as you plan to re-enter the workforce, for example working fewer hours or less physical work?


@Erinmfs I think @colleenyoung topics to think about are good. You might also talk to former coworkers for some ideas on how you were at work. Things you did well that you could expand on, how you were as a team player. Maybe ask some former coworkers to meet with you and help you brainstorm. Have you given any thought to how your career field has changed? How can you cope with new changes, ie. technology? Are you looking in the same field you were in? Also, what have you done to stay up-to-date in your field. You shouldn’t have to talk about your health, but be prepared for ‘fishing’ types of questions. Lots of things to think about. Think of yourself as someone who has successfully made it through a really tough experience! You’re a STRONG person now and you can meet any challenge! Best of luck and keep us informed!


@Erinmfs You sure have a myriad of experiences in the job world. I am not good at resumes, and very thankful that I will never have to write one again, but I think Colleen's and Becky's suggestions are great. If my daughter was not as stretched as she is right now I would ask her to read it. She is a professional writer, but not a professional resume writer, yet a number of people she knows credit her with having been responsible for them getting the great jobs they got with her tweaks.
Good luck with the job search. As I said, I am so grateful that I will never have to do that again!

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