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Where would you take a pediatric case? I have a 8 year [...]

Posted by @llopez0827, Nov 4, 2013

Where would you take a pediatric case? I have a 8 year old who battles a mysterious illness. We have been told since she was younger then 1 year she will either get better or worse. We have no answers. She gets leg pains, extreme allergies food and environmental. Epileptic partial seizures , frequent vomit episodes, stomach aches , urination problems. This has been going on since she was a baby. She will have episodes where it hits hard and days where she is fine. You can tell when she is sick she will not want to do anything. We were at the Ronald Mcdonald house while my oldest was hospitalized they were decorating cupcakes and she felt sick so she laid in bed. Really , we need directions to get her help. I am getting ready to take her to stanford , lucille packard.But what other options do we have is there a pediatric mayo clinic?


Posted by @LeeAase, Nov 12, 2013

Thanks for your question. Yes, Mayo Clinic does have a children’s hospital in Rochester, Minn. If you click on the appointment request link you can get information about getting an appointment for your daughter.

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