Where in Anderson Sc 29621 can I purchase Conolidine?

Posted by timwilliamssc @timwilliamssc, Oct 9 11:46am

Hello, With a lot of chronic pain as an 80 year old male I want some none-narcotic pain relief. I cannot take OTC drugs for same as they effect my kidneys too much. Basically I am in good health. Thanks and have happy days ahead.

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Consider calling an Independent Pharmacy there, like Propp Drug. https://www.proppdrugs.com/


I had never heard of Colonidine until just now. Since it’s herbal, I bet a pharmacy will not carry it. But I just saw it on Amazon. I would read research articles first, since you have kidney problems, and make sure some tests have been done regarding regular or long-term use. It looks like there are some herbalists and holistic practitioners in Anderson also. That is where you will find more information.
This caught my eye because my Mother’s family was from Anderson!


Thanks for the help; I was searching for others and myself; so many folks have chronic pain and not much given out now days for same. We have been here in Anderson for 3 generations. Coming from N. Ga mountains in the late 1800s. Best place in the world to live; I have been all over the world and the east coast to live; not too big; not to small, big lakes, etc, etc. Tim Williams 80 years old.


You can get it from GameDay Ready in Georgia USA 877 678 9719 gamedayreadyrz.com. It is used a lot in the sports world as it leaves no toxic residue that shows in testing. It is a great pain relieving topical and my husband with Stage 4 Liver cancer and two fractured vertebrae uses it regularly with no side effects of any kind. They have 2 strengths and the product is under the name CONOCB2 Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Crepe Jasmine, Eucalyptus Oil, PEA, Black Pepper Extract, D-Limonene, Peppermint Oil, Ethyl Alcohol, Camphor Oil. Gameday holds the USA patent on it so you won't find it other places. Much safer than Lidocaine and it really works for us. It is not an opioid.

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