Where could I start...I don't think my system works properly. I don't [...]

Posted by kimd2020 @kimd2020, May 11, 2015

Where could I start…I don’t think my system works properly. I don’t look to have a bowel but every 3 days or less, but my system is not eliminating all of the waste. I feel clogged up sometimes like I could throw up. One time after I had my 4year old I started having back pain and stomach pain and neck pain…needless to say small quarter size fibroid behind uterus, but I was constipated as well and did not know until after pain reliever, muscle relaxers and an ultrasound that came last. It was really weird. I just had baby number 4 and sometimes i feel clogged like I could throw up. I have stool softeners from before this baby and after but it is still hard to pass soft because my body just won’t let it come out, but I am not constipated. Any suggestions?

Try prune juice it works well if you can handle the taste.

Hi kimd2020, linked below is some information about diet and lifestyle changes that might be an option for you. Let us know if you have any other questions!


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