where can i get help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by leslie marino @lesliemarino, Feb 6, 2012

i am a 51 year old women went through menapause when i was 39.I uterine fibroids they think have had 3 ultra sounds.2 of are which over 10cm and others also .have pain in my side like a side ache all the time.constantly urinating and messing my pants.i feel sick when i eat because there is no room left in my stomach the fibroids have taken up all my stomach cavity.i had a well paying job i had to quit because couldnt lift weight anymore.my hormones are a mess.im depressed because of all of this.medicaid denied me because im not disabled and dont have small children.went through hospital emergency room 2 times for this and was sent home saying see your gyn.i have no money anymore for dr, appt. to tell me i need a hysterectomy.i dont no what to do .applying for medicaid to get this done was my last hope .was wondering if any dr. would find it in his heart to take care of me so i can move on with my life.thankyou for listening.

I understand , I am 50. A couple years ago I had pain on my right side? Diagnose with fiberoids. I felt tired, scared to drive on the highway, and very emotional. Drs we indifferent and skeptic of any pain after multiple ultra sounds, thought I was dying , weak etc
Went to young ob gyn female… Diagnosed with severe hormone imbalance. Good luck

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