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If you don't snooze, you lose, health experts say

Posted by @Margaret_Marie in Healthy Living, Jun 23, 2014

"When you miss out on sleep, you take out a loan from the sleep bank. You can never completely repay the debt — and decreased health is the interest on your loan." says Timothy Morgenthaler, a consultant at the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine in Rochester, Minn.

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Posted by @sotired, May 13, 2015

am 65 yrs old-----insomnia runs in family on both sides--started in college due to lots of classes, working 2 part-time jobs and to busy of a schedule!!! then marriage w/ranch-full time job-4 kids-stress---divorce due to husbands many affairs--raising 4 kids on my own w/ no help from daddy--3 thru college w/me working 2 jobs--stress stress--ex abusing a daughter--daughter having 4 major strokes by age 40--started on ambian for 2 yrs---lost a wonderful man in my life by suicide---6 yrs later lost another fiancé by heart attack (49)-started ambian for 3 yrs----12 yrs later I married only to lose him in 8 months (43) to heart attack w/major dr. mistakes. stress-stress-stress--been on ambian since 1998--have had sleep studies--lots of counseling--lots of tries of natural remedies--other sleep meds--now have addisons disease, diabetes ,high blood pressure-3 stage kidney disease-deep depression and broken back. over 8 meds at am and over 9 meds at pm. drs made me go off ambian because afraid i'd have a reaction!!! can't sleep over 2 hrs a night--don't nap in day--is no sleep at all really better for my health????? makes me wonder how i'd feel going off all my meds--kinda as bad as I do today. don't want anyone to pity me--just give me some remedy that works---PLEASE

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