When to take (lamotrigine) Lamictal for bipolar?

Posted by kdoconnell2003 @kdoconnell2003, Feb 27, 2019

Can anyone tell me the best time to take Lamictal? If it causes sleepiness I should take it at night.But I have read both opinions. I have had trouble with insomnia. So I tried in the morning. I missed my dose this morning. So the internet says take it ASAP. Took it at noon.

Good Morning Friend, I've been taking Lamictal at the same time I take Cymbalta which is in the morning. My mood and feelings are stabilized with this method. I'm sure you will find a time period that fits your needs. Have you consulted with the Doctor who prescribed this medication? Good question you asked. Charlie


Hi, @kdoconnell2003 – wondering how things are going with the lamotrigine (Lamictal)? Also, wanted to confirm whether you are taking this for seizures or bipolar, as it can treat both?

@charlie75 – have you experienced any side effects with the lamotrigine (Lamictal)?

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