When to stop the chemo?

Posted by ina3 @ina3, Nov 24, 2018

Hi everyone. I have good news on my Dad. He just did a PET/CT and the doctor told that the tumor has diminished and two cycles of chemo reacted very well. She decided to add immunotherapy Keytruda now and continue with the same chemo for additional 4 cycles.

I wanted to find out is there an end for the chemo? When do doctors decide when to stop the chemo fully? I would assume lung cancer does not dissapear, does it? So, what is the sign to relax a little bit? How long do we continue immunotherapy and how often does he need to do the PET/CT? While i read a lot things about the lung cancer now and thanks to everyone in this forum, learnt so many things and heard so many encouraging stories, i realized that I don’t know much on what’s next?

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Good morning @ina3. What terrific news! Your father's doctor said that he would like to have your dad do four more cycles. The aim of chemo is to actually kill all of the cancer so your dad's doctor sounds like that's what he is aiming for since your dad responded so well to it so far. But to answer your question, I think that only time will tell if he will need more chemo after the four additional sessions. And it often kills all of the cancer, however cancer is very very complex and often has a mind of its own. I had four months of chemo, twice a week. My cancer did not return.And there are many different types of lung cancers that are broken down into subgroups. Is your dad having bothersome side effects? Is he up and about? Has he been operated on?


Happy to hear the good news!
Your questions are all open for discussion with your team…ask
away and don’t be shy.
Q/A sessions should give us a path to less stress and relaxation.
Have you heard of Dr Amit Sood’s
books Stress Free Living? It is my favorite…It helped me survive lung cancer. I am an 11 year survivor.
You are a remarkable daughter! Bless you;-)

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