When to see a doctor?

Posted by Ellen @helenfrances, Mar 31, 2020

I hesitate to make an appointment with our family practitioners. Headache, mild sore throat, slept for hours. My husband, as usual is fine! Or a carrier? He grocery shopped!
I went to the kitchen to find a beautiful dinner from a neighbor (with four children) ….a note saying to call if we needed anything. …”groceries whatever!”
God is good. Neighbors are good!!

Humor abounds! You have to look for it.:
Received a text from owner of hair salon: 💇‍♀️
Text her and she will put your hair color in a container on her salon door. I cannot stop 😂 laughing.

It has been a good day. No worries. Did we expect to go through life without some………………. you fill in the blank.
Pain suffering
How are you?
P.S. I remember when Corona was a BEER!

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@helenfrances Ellen – First step – take a deep breath, in spite of Covid-19, life continues, even other "bugs" and random headaches, viruses and down days.
As to when/whether to call the doctor, you may want to read this guidance from Mayo first – https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/symptoms-causes/syc-20479963
Do not be upset if you call the doctor and the advice you get is isolate, rest and take Tylenol for fever. At this point, unless your require hospitalization, that's the best course of action.
Finally, out of an abundance of caution, if you think you MIGHT have the virus, you are advised to self-quarantine.
To all – Stay calm, stay safe.

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