When to follow up with Jacksonville clinic

Posted by lh26 @lh26, Jul 29, 2021


I called the Jacksonville EDS clinic 2 weeks ago. The scheduler said she would call back once others on the list before me are scheduled, in 1 to 4 weeks. As I mentioned above, it has only been 2 weeks, but I wanted to know if and when I should follow up to ensure I get an appointment. I am only asking because I had to follow up to speak with someone after my initial appointment coordinator call (from AZ clinic initially) – I think I waited for a call for about a month, after being told I would hear back within 2 weeks. If I hadn't followed up, I don't think I would have gotten a call or talked to any scheduler.

Please give advice on when/if I should follow up. I understand that Mayo clinic is very busy, and I don't want to be constantly calling the clinic. However, I need to be sure that action is being taken so I can begin to plan a possible trip to Jacksonville.

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Hello, @lh26. Welcome to Connect. I'm so glad you posted here. I personally understand how frustrating it can be to wait to hear back about an appointment that you requested. While the person you spoke with at the Jacksonville Clinic indicated that you would hear back between 1 to 4 weeks and it's been 2 weeks, based on your previous experience (in AZ) it is reasonable why you would want to go ahead and call Jacksonville again. I had a similar experience last year when trying to schedule an appointment in one department at Mayo Clinic while trying to coordinate appointments with other departments. I do try to remind myself to advocate for my own care even though I'm rather uncomfortable at the prospect of making such a call. I hope this helps. Please let me know what happens and other ways I might be helpful to you.


Hello, @lh26. I thought @naturegirl5 posted a very nice response. BUT she did not state strongly enough that you have to STAY ON TOP OF THIS!! Everyone is very busy in all departments, putting out fires all the time, etc. It is critical that you become your best advocate. I would absolutely keep a record of everyone your spoke with along with date and time, and what they said. Ask each one point blank what can be done to move the process along. Get your docs, other coordinators to buy-in to helping you. Time is ticking away, and waiting for just a call back in 4 weeks means you aren't seeing anyone for potentially months. And if Mayo is to busy to see you, reach out to Moffitt Cancer Center or others because your life is important to you and your loved ones.

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