When should you seek help?

Posted by Lisa @techi, Oct 14, 2017

Yesterday l got a message from my internal medicine doctor saying she reviewed all my test and records from the various doctors l have seen and to keep in communication with them but also l am scheduled for a consult to the gasterentogist for my liver shunts. So l was trying to find out from her if l still have that appointment. My consult wasn't cancelled so it seems kind of vague. So l asked my husband what did that mean because if l don't need to come back l can cancel our reservations so he said it doesn't say it's been cancelled. So what's a person to do when there medical problems are not answered? I guess that why people can't understand the healthcare community. I was first upset about people losing their healthcare but maybe it's a blessing because sometimes we are given meds we don't need or in my case allergic too.

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Hi @techi, can you call and leave a message with your provider? When you call request for the desk staff to ask your provider if the appointment is needed or not. Hopefully that will clear it up. 🙂

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