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When Should One Go See a Psychiatrist?

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1 in Brain & Nervous System, Dec 19, 2011

I am wondering what others think about this question. I'm thinking it is best to see a professional doctor trained in this specialty when one has a mental health concern that is not managed well alone. For instance, someone that is depressed and can not seem to pull themselves out of it no matter what they try. Maybe there is a neurotransmitter chemical imbalance in the brain caused by prolonged sleep deprivation after the births of one or two children. There is postpartum depression and there is sometimes a lingering worse kind of depression that can set in and a mom can think it is 'just postpartum blues' when it's not. A psychiatrist is trained to know the difference and to treat the symptoms: irritability, anxiety, trouble focusing, crying jags, consistent low mood, inability to enjoy activities previously enjoyed, lack of interest in others or activities and insomnia. A continued insomnia and lack of restful sleep can worsen this condition. yCertainly, ANY thoughts of harming oneself or others (suicidal or homicidal thoughts) are a DEFINITE SIGN that one needs to see a psychiatrist immediately in order to be diagnosed and treated. These thoughts are NOT normal under any conditions and should not be ignored.

I also think anyone that lives with another human being that is either physically and/or mentally impaired should seek professional help. If a person is not trained as a medical doctor or nurse and one tries to take care of another ill human being for a prolonged period of time, it can take a toll on the healthy person. For instance, I am familiar with a person whose spouse has been ill for more than a decade. The ill spouse is very much like an invalid and has mental issues such as spending too much time on the internet viewing erotic men and even contacting some of these men via email. The healthy husband became ill after repeatedly hearing his wife get excited about corresponding with these men (some of which are movie stars because she is a writer in the entertainment business). Certainly, this broke his heart after all he has done for this woman. She must be mentally ill to have done such a thing and to brag about it to her husband. Why he did not take a stand and stop her or insist that she show respect to him and find another avenue for her writing, no one knows. This is just one example of someone that is in need of psychiatric treatment. His illness is treatable, maybe hers is also but he is the healthier party and should take care of himself if he still wants to take care of her. A healthy man does not spend his time at work lusting after other women, nor does a healthy man hurt other women by seducing them and rejecting them, a healthy man does not appear to love others and then mistreat or reject them in his 'paranoia'. A healthy man doesn't stalk a woman, then move and/or buy a new car to try and hide from the person he was seducing. That is definitely an ill person that does such a thing. Moving, buying different vehicles or doing anything else that is extreme to avoid people is definitely not healthy. A person that is healthy doesn't want to become a hermit. A healthy person enjoys others and has a network of friends and family that he or she connects with on a regular basis, not just via email or on the phone. A healthy person spends quality time with others and is not so addicted by sexual fantasy that they lose touch with reality and post signs on signposts with love notes. A healthy man would separate from his sick wife until she got the medical help or attention she needed to stop her pornographic addiction to male models online. A healthy man would insist that a marriage have boundaries and mutual love and RESPECT. An unhealthy man will have affairs or seek emotional attachments with beautiful women to make himself feel better. He may even engage in porn fantasy sex or other delusions which are not based in reality. In an attempt to avoid reality of his situation, an ill man will do such things that will make his body feel good and he will lie to himself when women adore him and tell himself that he's great when he is truly someone that simply uses women for his own sexual gratification. This is not healthy for him or anyone he targets. This is a man that needs a good doctor and a good therapist if he ever wants to be happy in this life. A healthy man would make changes in his life and pursue the type of love and devotion, affection and sexual intimacy with the woman he loves. First he needs to become healthy in order to make appropriate choices for himself and his partner. Please tell me what you think of these types of situations and how people should handle these mental health issues. This is nothing new, it is common and many people know others that care for ill family members, sometimes beyond what is healthy for themselves. Not being able to afford professional help or assistance is not an excuse either, there are facilities that care for very mentally ill people and sometimes we can not please everyone, including the mentally ill person's family members. No one should destroy themselves for the sake of "until death do us part", that is not what that means.

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Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 21, 2011

When somebody's sick in the family everyone should chip in and help. if its too much for the family then hire a nurse or setup two houses for everyone. All family members should be able to live a happy life regardless of who is sick and who is not. If one person makes everyone miserable then there should be appropriat boundreys. If others are getting mentally sick when wrong boundreys are in place then maybe they should go see the doctor or a psychiatrist. No one in a family should be miserable unless that is what they want out of life.

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 25, 2011

I think you're right and that some people just like to live in misery, maybe out of habit. Sometimes they want others to feel sorry for them or they just don't believe they can live a happy life because they have some sort of illness.


Posted by @anon01345522, Jan 22, 2012

One can and should see a psychiatrist whenever the person concerned feels that he/she needs help. In addition, psychotherapy will be of added benefit.

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Posted by @nativefloridian, Feb 8, 2012

I definitely believe in psycho-therapeutic benefit for all. I have a close family member going through treatment now and it is tremendous. Changes are being made that would not have occurred otherwise. There is hope.


Posted by @chinooka, Jan 26, 2012

it is a relative and a conditional situation, like other posters have said, the individuals concerned need to make those choices for themselves. Sometimes all an outsider can do is refuse to participate in an unhealthy system.

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Posted by @dahllb07, Jun 19, 2012

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Posted by @joecinma, Nov 3, 2012

I agree with you.

The situations you descibe all have the following in common - out of touch with reality.

As I understand the research, there are a number of very powerful medications that can "rebalance" the neurotransmitter chemicals.

Most important - you have to find a health care professional that you trust and respect - AND who can treat you with "wise words" as well as medications.

Through sheer dumb luck, I found such a health care professional.

I'll give you an example.

Proverb: (from ? - can't find the source - not sure about the 1st line)

If one man says you are drunk, you can ignore him
If a second man says you are drunk, listen
If a third man says you are drunk, SIT DOWN!

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