when should i take afib medication and/or ablation for periodic afib

Posted by lalton @lalton, Oct 18, 2016

I am an 82 year old male in good health and condition and have been having afib for about one year and 19 occurances The most recent month I have had 4 occurrences and the last one lasted 17.5 hours. I have been hoping to figure out what is causing it; too many supplements, stress, sleep, diet, etc., but am not having any luck so far. I have heard that a new trend is to use ablation instead of medication. When should I consider medication and/or ablation since afib is probably causing heart damage?

@lalton You pose an interesting question about how long a patient should proceed with one type of therapy for a problem before considering other methods (especially when the current plan is not producing the improvements hoped for) . Have you discussed ablation with your cardiologist or sought a second opinion? Thanks for posing this question.


Welcome to Connect, @lalton. As Teresa said, you pose a very good question “When should a person consider medication and/or ablation since afib is probably causing heart damage?”
I’d like to introduce you to other members who have talked about a-fib and ablations here in the community, and who may be able to shed light on this question given their experiences. Please meet @martishka @twptrustrek @jhoffmanj @irishblueileen @billmichalski @success101 and @nadine66 in addition to Teresa who you’ve already met.

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