When should I see a physician? Two weeks post COVID

Posted by josiey @josiey, Jul 28, 2022

Hello and good morning, I have had COVID for 2 weeks now and continue with shortness of breath, especially on exertion (going up one flight of stairs). Never had respiratory issues prior. Should I see a physician? Or this is the "normal" course of COVID?

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Check your o2, especially with exertion. Ask for CT as xray might not show lung tissue involvement if its mild. Yes let your md know the symptoms you are experiencing.


I tested positive for CoVid May 2. Took calling every day to get in to see a doctor May 26…waiting list was 3-4 months out. PCP didn't think Long CoVid fatigue, muscle aches, shortness of breath. dizziness, nausea, sore throat was from CoVid. Ran blood tests which showed that even though I was drinking more than 8 glasses of water and 8-10 16 oz mugs of tea daily, I was dehydrated. My B12 was low. Otherwise, everything came back normal. He wanted me to do a sleep study to see if Sleep Apnea was causing my fatigue even though I have been snoring for 40 plus years and never experienced fatigue before I got CoVid. His advice was that I get up and keep going even if I don't feel like it and it will improve. Seriously, I've gotten more help and support from Long CoVid group, my family, and even my work. I believe every Doctor needs to be emailed and educated about Long CoVid.

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